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Your own testimony can influence your claim for Supplemental Security Income, which is why it is crucial to reach out to a California Supplemental Security Income attorney. In a recent district court decision involving examination of plaintiff testimony, the plaintiff sought review of a denial for supplemental security income and disability insurance benefits.  She was 42 and had graduated high school. She worked as an apartment manager and claimed disability as of March 2014.

The administrative law judge had used the five-step disability evaluation process. It found she had anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue syndrome, strabismus, and fibromyalgia, but that these didn’t meet or equal the listed impairments. She could do some light work and had other abilities, but couldn’t perform past relevant work. It found that there were jobs existing in significant numbers in the national economy that she could perform and that, therefore, she wasn’t disabled.

She asked the district court to review this decision. The court reasoned that where an administrative law judge decides a claimant demonstrated objective medical evidence establishing underlying impairments that could trigger the symptoms claimed and there’s no evidence of malingering, the administrative law judge could only discount the claimant’s testimony about symptom severity where he could show clear and convincing and specific substantiated reasons to do so.

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If you are trying to obtain SSI or SSDI benefits in Fresno, it can be important to retain an experienced attorney who can work to make sure the Social Security Administration understands the impact of all of your impairments on your case.  In a recent case in a court in the Central District of California, a plaintiff asked for review of the Commissioner’s denial of his request for supplemental security income and disability insurance benefits. The parties filed consents to go before a magistrate judge in 2017.

The claimant was born in 1956 and had previously worked as a caterer and a car rental manager. He applied for a period of disability benefits, claiming he hadn’t been able to work since 2011. His applications were denied initially, and he requested a hearing in front of an administrative judge.

At the hearing, the claimant testified, as did a medical expert and vocational expert. The administrative judge decided against him. The claimant asked the court to review.

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In a district court decision that may give those seeking supplemental security income in California some sense of the process, a plaintiff sought judicial review of an administrative law judge’s decision denying his request for supplemental security income under Title XVI. The plaintiff had filed his first application for benefits in 2013, and he was denied in 2014, and then denied reconsideration.

He had therapy four times with a particular licensed clinical social worker. He next had weekly therapy at a counseling center. In 2015, he started to take psychiatric medication and began to see a psychiatrist. He had an exam with a state agency psychologist in 2014, and also had a psychological evaluation.

By law, someone claiming social security disability benefits need to prove he is unable to do any substantial gainful activity because of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that has lasted or is expected to last for 12 or more months. The administrative law judge is supposed to evaluate a claimant in five steps performed in sequence to decide whether the claimant is disabled such that he should receive benefits.

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