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Pena and Bromberg guided me through a very long and trying battle with Social Security to final victory in April, 2019. Jonathan Pena is exceptionally polite, respectful, compassionate and professional. It's not easy to be both professional and personal in such a pressure intense business, but Mr. Pena strikes a pleasant and consistent balance. I also want to mention Jesus Rodriquez. He too is a man of great professional aptitude and reassuring temperament. I often made back to back calls to Jesus with questions that were self explanatory and he never once gave off a sense of exasperation or annoyance. His steadfastness and helpful attitude must be commended. Pena and Bromberg prepared the arguments for my case so well that I won a favorable decision at my hearing (which is very rare, I was told), and literally the only word I spoke in the hearing was the word "yes" at the swearing in part. I never said another word and I walked out victorious. Pena and Bromberg are great at what they do! I thank Christ the Lord for blessing me with them.
★★★★★ Dean Jack
Pena is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and patient. He knows how to fight for you to win. He assisted me after I was denied and fought for my appeal hearing. He is professional and very thorough when representing you. I'd recommend him as your attorney to get your benefits won! Thank you Pena!!
★★★★★ Esteban G
Excellent service, Mr Pena worked very hard for me on my Social Security Disability case. He and his staff were able to win my case for me. I highly recommend them.
★★★★★ Mark Baker
Attorney Jonathan Pena and firm were wonderfully gracious to take our case. They were very effective and good to us in every step of this proceeding. We did prevail.
★★★★★ Janice Lingenfelter
Great Lawyers Friendly Helpful and will Fight For Tell The End.
★★★★★ Dameion Cole
Jonathan Peña did an amazing job in representing my mother. Mr. Peña and his staff are friendly, helpful, thorough and overall very professional. I will definitely recommend his office to anyone who is in need of representation for SSDI.
★★★★★ Julia Gutierrez
The best !!
★★★★★ Orlando Macedo
Love there service always polite and on time
★★★★★ Antonio Gaines
They did a wonderful job working with me on my case
★★★★★ Anonymous
Every encounter from the beginning with Jonathan Pena and his staff were extremely positive. He and his team were very thorough, helpful, and friendly, and took the guesswork out of the process every step of the way. They treated me and my case with genuine concern and importance, and I was never left wondering what to do next. Thank you for being so great and the best I could hope for in aiding me with my case!
★★★★★ Rena Muir
Helped me with my claim with no issues at all. Very friendly staff and always clear with the information that was passed along. A+
★★★★★ Derek Ward
Mr. Jonathan Pena and associates are very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, caring, and understanding! They did a wonderful job representing me, and I am thankful for all of their help in, and with my case! I highly recommend Pena and Bromberg!
★★★★★ Debra Holmes
Pena & Bromberg got my daughter approved thank you.
★★★★★ Loretta Smith
Good people
★★★★★ Kimberly Brindle
I thank mr pena n his staff for helping me win my case he told me things that my last lawyer didn't tell me I wish I would have went to Mr pena in the first place but the disability lawyer out there bealive me
★★★★★ Ricky Dowel
Jonathon Peña represented me at my ALJ hearing, and I never felt a second of doubt that my case was handled strictly at the highest profesional level possible. I have recommended Peña and his firm to my friends of whom have already benifited positively. Have patients and hire Peña & Bromberg and you will receive your benifits.
★★★★★ Dave Fulcher
They are very helpful and very good attorney. I would recommended them to anyone in need for ssi attorney . High satisfied
★★★★★ Jacklyn Lawrence
They was a complete help ,, and professional at all times.
★★★★★ Derek Thomas
My husband had to battle for his SSDI for 6 years. During that time Mr. Pena supported us every step of the way and never gave up the fight. Mr Pena and his staff was always pleasant and helpful in answering any questions we had along the way . Once we got our favorable decision Mr Pena called us personally to tell us the great news.
★★★★★ Erin Webb
This is Richard Castro review I couldn’t sign in mines so I signed in my sisters account but I gave you five stars because I had good service and all your team was really good and I got wat u said I’d get thanks a lot I really appreciate everything
★★★★★ Vero Castro
They are the best i call every week and they were so polite and nice i will recommend they to everybody
★★★★★ Ronald Welch
This was a long an stressful process but Mr Pena got it done. Thank you so much for all your help. It took two appeals but I never gave up on you. Thank you again
★★★★★ Sandra Hill
Pena & Bromberg handled everything for my son's disability appeals hearing and won his case with a fully favorable decision. Couldn't of ask for a better staff. I would recommend their office to anyone. They are amazing
★★★★★ Tina Copen
My mother just received amazing news and all thanks to the amazing service she received. Supper helpful, bilingual which made everything so much easier. My mother and family will always be very grateful for your help and service. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for legal guidance and support to contact this office.
★★★★★ Beatriz Ceja
My SSI disability case went before a video conference judge and Mr. Pena represented me honestly and fairly. At the end, we walked out of the room and Mr. Pena shook my hand and said "Congratulations, we won." A weight was lifted. After almost two years of denials, retaining Pena & Bromberg was the smartest decision I made. Thank you.
★★★★★ Hollywood Mark
Im so proud to have a lawyer who fought for me and helped me with the fact i am disabled so now im able to live my life in peace and no worries thank you mr pena i refer you to everybody cause you fight for our right .
★★★★★ Krystal Tassey
My experience with Mr Pena and this law firm has been excellent. They followed up with my doctors and provided the information to Social security disability quickly. I was referred by my friend to Mr Pena and I will definitely referr him to others.
★★★★★ Teresa Montfort
ImI Veronica Gordon and I definitely recommend Peña and Bromberg they did the job no one else wanted to
★★★★★ Veronica Minor
Great recession by Mr ..pena honest caring staff very knowledgeable wonderful job thanks
★★★★★ Marc Renfro
Mr Pena has a wonderful law practice when I came to pena and bromberg I had the money and able to get any attorney I wanted I was going to go to the bay area and get an attorney for my needs. Tulare county DA Tim ward .told me about this young hard working attorney Johnathan Pena from the first telephone call I had I new he was the attorney . Mr Pena not only fights for his client's but is very protective of them. Walking in to a court room you always feel little and powerless thanks to Mr Pena I never once experienced those feeling Mr Pena has saved my life and turned my life around thank you Mr Pena thank you
★★★★★ Neil Wilkerson
Mr. Pena attorney at law is friendly, and very professional.
★★★★★ Beverly Downes
Client Reviews
Mr. Pena did an amazing job! I couldn't ask for anymore. He took care of every little detail for me... Anonymous
Until I came to John there wasn't anyone, not my primary physician or even my social worker to have answers for me. Anonymous
Mr. Pena is truly one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met... Anonymous
Would recommend to everyone looking for a good attorney! Anonymous