Can A Stay-at-Home Mom Collect Social Security Disability?

A mother with back pain holds her hand against her back as her child sits on a kitchen countertop next to her.

Becoming a stay at home parent is something many people choose to do for the good of their family and finances. However, it can be quite difficult to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if you’re ever injured or medically disabled.

Financial Benefits of Being A Stay-at-Home Parent

Child care can be expensive, and some couples find that it’s less costly for one parent to stay home rather than continue working. Other families find that one parent makes enough money to support the household, so the other parent is able to spend more time raising the child.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, choosing to become a stay at home parent is a rewarding yet difficult job. If you’re ever injured or become sick, you may find you’re unable to take care of your children and home the way you once did. You may need assistance taking your children to school, grocery shopping, or cleaning the house. It’s in these situations that many people ask the question, Can a stay at home mom get disability benefits?

Can A Non-Working Spouse Get Disability Benefits?

To say parents who take care of the home are “non-working” is not exactly accurate, but it is how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines this situation. Unfortunately, it also means getting approved for disability benefits is more difficult for stay at home parents.

Can A Stay at Home Mom Collect Social Security Disability Insurance?

A disabled stay at home parent may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if they worked at an earlier point in their life and earned enough work credits to be eligible for Social Security.

Earning work credits means you have paid into the Social Security System, which is required before qualifying for disability payments. You must also have worked recently enough in order to receive SSDI. A stay at home parent will not receive benefits if they have not earned enough work credits in their lifetime, or they have not worked recently enough, to meet the SSA’s qualifying criteria.

SSI for Stay at Home Parents

Many stay at home parents have a spouse who earns enough money to support the family. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program. SSI is only granted to disabled or elderly individuals who have extremely limited income and resources.

How Can You Qualify for Disability if Your Spouse Works and You Don’t?

If your spouse makes enough money to support the household through their single income, you will not receive SSI. However, you may still qualify for SSDI benefits if you become disabled and have earned enough work credits prior to becoming a stay at home parent, regardless of your spouse’s employment status.

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