Military Shopping Discount Expanded to Include All Honorably Discharged Veterans

Q: Can an honorably discharged veteran shop at discount military exchanges?

Veteran’s disability attorneys are in the business of helping our nation’s veterans access the benefits they’re entitled to for their sacrifice and service.

Often, while helping disabled vets apply for benefits or appeal a denial of veteran’s benefits, it becomes evident that many vets are unaware of the many benefits that are available to them and their families. Some important veteran’s benefits for eligible beneficiaries include:

  • burial and memorial
  • death pension
  • dependency and indemnity compensation
  • disability compensation
  • employment and training
  • parent’s dependency and indemnity compensation
  • special monthly compensation
  • survivor benefits
  • veteran’s healthcare
  • veteran’s life insurance.

Many of the above benefits have a complicated application and appeals process and interested applicants would be wise to contact an attorney who specializes in veteran’s benefits for assistance qualifying for these benefits.

On the bright side, there’s an exciting new update to an existing veteran’s benefit that expands access to the benefit to all honorably-discharged veterans who have ever served, no matter how long. Previously, this benefit was only available to career military veterans who retired after 20 or more years of service. It is also available to all active duty service members.

Whether you are shopping for the holidays or doing every day shopping all year long, you won’t want to miss accessing this money-saving shopping benefit.

Military exchanges are brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping websites where only active and certain retired service members… and now honorably-discharged veterans… can shop. While the brick and mortar shopping remains restricted to only active duty or military who retired after serving 20 years, the expanded benefit enables all honorably discharged veterans to shop online no matter how long they served.

The perks of shopping include generous military discounts on items and free shipping on all purchases over $50. The best part, is that all purchases are free of state and local sales tax, so big ticket items can save a vet serious money. is the online shop on the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s website.

While everybody can use a program that saves them money, disabled vets who may be struggling more financially, could really benefit from this expanded program. It just started in November and over a quarter of a million veterans have signed up for the program already. To sign up, veterans must verify their status through

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